Frequently Asked Questions

Can YAW be used just from PC or also from other devices?

You can use it from PC and tablet but currently no from smartphone.

Is it necessary an internet connection in order to use YAW?

Yes it is, as YAW is a web-based software.

Does YAW need to be installed in my PC?

No installation is needed. You can access YAW from any PC or tablet and work from any place you want (as long as an internet connection is active)

Is YAW software training a pay service?

In all pricing plans are included 2 hours remote training.

How does the assistance work?

Assistance is free and active from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and it works through a ticketing system. Once sent a request, you will be contacted by our staff member within 24 hours.

How long time does the software activation take?

Straightaway! Just the time to set-up your accomodation and YAW will be ready to use.

How can I pay the subscription?

Annual or quarterly payments by credit card, paypal or bank transfer.

Any activation costs?

Not at all!

Booking engine and channel manager services are included?

They are not included in the basic version but YAW can be integrated with our Partners softwares in order to build a tailored system for your needs.

I've already a channel manager, is it possibile to integrate it with YAW?

Surely! Just put us in touch with your provider.